UPDATE: Thank you for helping us get to 149 survey responses! We're excited for the future, at One Life! 

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One Life is dedicating the next few months to discovering how God is asking us to embody the love, kindness, care, and generosity of Jesus in our community. We will do this by identifying and releasing the gifts and talents of individuals in our church family to love and serve our community.

Each of us has a significant role to play in serving the community. We have partnered with The Neighborliness Center to create a strategic plan for community engagement. Over the next few weeks, we are asking everyone to participate in this process to identify the unique opportunity we have to make Baldwin and our neighboring communities more like Heaven.

The first step in this process is taking the time to fill out a survey together. We believe in this so much, we are inviting you to take the time to fill this out, right now! Just click on the button above. 

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The first few questions include basic information to help us identify who you are and how you might want to participate in our church wide initiative to love our neighbors.


These questions will be about your current vocation. God is not calling everyone to quit their jobs to be used for His purposes. There’s a great chance you’re exactly where you need to be in this season. Many of you also dream of making a move to a job that aligns more with your skills and passion. We would love to hear about that, as well, if you’re willing to share.

God created each one of us with strengths, talents, and skills. We want to hear about those so that we know how God can use us, collectively, as a church family to bless our community. Think of things that come naturally to you.

Think of things your friends and family tell you that are good at in various parts of your life. These skills can be relational, technical, managerial, or random hobbies you enjoy. The more we know about your gifts and talents, the more we can creatively find ways to work together for the benefit of our neighbors.


The next two questions are about the time you have available to serve. Time is one of our most valuable resources, and each of us have different levels of availability. Take a moment to consider how you can create time in your schedule to benefit your neighbors. This is not a binding agreement, but it is helpful so that we know how to best release your unique gifts and talent in our community.


God has put us together in one body. We work together to bring peace and healing to our community. No single person takes responsibility for saving our city. We are invited into the body to work together.

We have created a list of areas that we would like to see our church actively involved in serving our community. Select areas you are already serving in or areas you’d like to learn more about. Some of these areas may not exist yet in our church, so there’s a good chance that God will use this process to create new ways to serve our community through your gifts and talents.


Ephesians 4 shows us that we become mature as the body of Christ when everyone participates. We're asking you to join us as we begin a three-month journey to explore how God is calling us into a strategic season of releasing our church family into His work, for His purpose, and for His glory.

We will update you throughout the process as we work with The Neighborliness Center to align the vision at One Life, the gifts and talents of our church family, and the greatest opportunities and needs in our community.