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Sunday Morning Worship: 11:00 am

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Our Church exists to see

One More Life Touched, Transformed, and Sent by the God of Grace.

This is our entire Mission!

We simply want to be known for Christ only.

We believe in the truth and power found in the word of God (The Bible).

We believe that this truth is useful for our everyday living.

So this is how our church operates…We learn about the Bible and try to apply it to our lives while living as a community!

Open to All: No matter where you’ve come from or what you believe you are welcome here. We want anyone and everyone to feel comfortable coming to be a part of One Life.

Child Friendly: We have a special program geared for Children of all ages. We have special classes for Pre-School through 5th Grade. We have a group of incredible volunteers who have committed to serving God by teaching relevant and age appropriate lessons in a safe environment to specific age groups. We are sure you and your children will love and appreciate our volunteers as much as we do! For more info check out our children’s ministry page.

Diverse: We are a mix of believers from many tongues, tribes, and nations! You will feel welcomed here no matter where you come from.

Relevant: The preaching and music are relevant and exciting to be a part of. The Music reflects the diversity of our church. You will find many unique expressions of worship by our different worship leaders. The Preaching is done in a way where we can know, love, and appreciate God more. Our intention is that you will learn something about God’s word AND that you will translate that truth from your mind to your hands. Otherwise it’s a waste of time! You can access the sermons online but please come and be a part of what God is doing at here.

Comfortable: We want you to feel welcomed and comfortable here. There is no pressure to dress up or dress down. Don’t let something like “what to wear” ever hold you back from being a part of what God is doing here! So come dressed however you feel comfortable and we’re sure you’ll fit right in and feel COMFORTABLE.

Intentional: We are intentional to worship God through music, preaching, taking communion, and spending time with each other. Our service starts at 11:00 and ends by 12:30. But this doesn’t mean you MUST leave right away. The majority of our members and visitors stay after to talk with each other and enjoy a cup of coffee, juice, or baked good.

Below you’ll find what we believe are the essentials of the Christian faith agreed upon unanimously throughout 2,000 years of church history. While people may disagree upon finer points of theology, we think every Christian can and should agree on the following.

The Bible
We believe the Bible is God’s inspired word and was given to provide instruction for what we should believe and how we should live our lives. We seek to properly understand and apply God’s word so to align ourselves with God’s will rather than our own desires. We believe that the Bible is accurate and reliable, was written under direct inspiration from God, and is completely authoritative for all Christians. (2 Timothy 3:16 ; 2 Peter 1:19-21 )

We believe that there is one true God, the creator of the universe, who eternally exists in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. (Matthew 28:19 ; John 1:1 ,14 ; John 14:26 ; 1 Peter 1:2 )
Jesus Christ
We believe that Jesus was God’s only begotten Son, was born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, voluntarily died on the cross for our sins, and was bodily raised from the dead. He ascended into heaven and now sits at the right hand of the Father and acts as an intermediary on our behalf. One day Jesus will return to earth and initiate the consummation of human history. (John 1:1-18 ; Acts 2:22-41 ; Philippians 2:1-11 )

The Holy Spirit
We believe that the Holy Spirit is equal with the Father and the Son of God. The Holy Spirit provides power to overcome sin, insight into scripture, and personal direction in life. All believers are given the gift of the Holy Spirit at conversion, and through the Holy Spirit’s presence and power are enabled to attain spiritual maturity in Christ. Through the Holy Spirit each person in the body is given certain gifts to use in ministry. (Luke 11:13 ; John 16:13 ; Acts 1:8 ; Romans 8:11 )

We believe that a human being’s central purpose for existence is to have a close and personal relationship with God. Originally created for that purpose, humans defied God, choosing to go their own way, and were thus alienated from God. This “Fall” took place at the beginning of human history, and all individuals since have suffered these consequences and are in need of God’s forgiveness and mercy. A person can be forgiven by God and have that close, personal relationship restored only by God’s gracious intervention. The proper response we must give to the offer of God’s forgiveness is believing that Jesus is God’s son, repenting of our sin, confessing our faith in Jesus’ power to save us, and by being immersed for the forgiveness of our sins. (John 3:16 ; John 14:6 ; Acts 2:38 ; Romans 3:23 , 10:9 ; 1 John 1:9 )

Human Destiny
We believe that everyone will live forever after they die. Where one spends eternity will depend on what they do with Jesus Christ. For all humankind there will be a resurrection into the spiritual world and a judgment that will determine the fate of each individual. Because unbelievers have rejected Jesus, they will be separated from His presence for all eternity in Hell. Believers will be received into heaven to be with God for all eternity. (John 3:36 ; Revelation 20-22)

“One More Life Touched, Transformed, Sent by the God of Grace”

“One More Life…”

  We are very intentional that our mission is more than a statement. Our mission is something that truly identifies who we are as a church. We understand that our role here in Baldwin is simple… to be vehicles of God’s grace to ONE more life… This is the foundation of our mission. We are not about just filing a church or throwing a really great event. But we exist to impact one more life.


This is us as a church committing to simply reach out. This may be through an organized service event or through us as a group of believers deciding that each one of us individually will show the grace of God to those around us. It is in this way, through our love, we make God visible. (1 John 4:12)


We are not interested in superficial Christianity! We believe in a real God who really saves real people. So we want to see one more person decide that life is more than selfish gain and see a transformation that reflects itself in loving God with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength. (Mark 12:30)


The journey in following God’s will is not to simply to be fed but for us to turn and feed others. We all are on a mission and we want to see just one more person sent for service in the kingdom of God. We want to encourage each member of One Life to serve together. We are each uniquely gifted to work together to serve and reflect God’s goodness. We trust that through our service we will be able to be “faithful stewards of God’s grace in it’s various forms.” (1 Peter 4:10)

“…By The God of Grace…”

We need a constant reminder that our mission is not ultimately about us. We ultimately are being empowered by and responding to the God of the universe. Our prayer is that we are completely dependent on the work of God. We want to boast in what God can accomplish through us as His vehicles not in what we do on our own. (1 Corinthians 1:31)