Work Entry

We are so excited you are joining us for The Journey Beginnings!


Everyone is invited and encouraged to participate in the class.

1. New to the Christian faith

2. New To ONE LIFE

3. To Reconnect With The Basics

Just come with an open heart and mind to discuss. You don’t need to know ANYTHING about the Bible.

Don’t feel intimidated or let the statement “I don’t know enough” hold you back. This is the perfect place where you can come to learn those fundamentals.

If you don’t have a Bible we will provide one for you as a gift.

Typically around 2 hours. That is not 2 hours of lecture, but the time depends on the amount of questions and discussion. This is including a break taken in the middle for lunch

If you are unavailable on Sunday afternoons, please speak to Scott or Paul and they will set up a time to meet when you are available.